Updating a tmobile sidekick phone

On all Hiptops except the original, the left side houses a directional pad and on the right, a track ball (excluding the original Hiptop) The Hiptop 2 and Slide's directional pad contains internal multicolored LEDs used in ringers and notifications, while the 3, 2008, LX, and 2009 track ball contains internal multicolored LEDs that provide the same function.

The right side also has two phone buttons: send call (also page-down) and end call (also page-up).

Along the top edge of the phone bezel is an infrared transceiver.

The original Hiptop hardware was designed by Danger and manufactured by Flextronics.

The Hiptop II, 3, Sidekick i D, Sidekick 2008 and Sidekick LX (2009) are all manufactured by Sharp Corporation in Japan and designed, respectively, by Danger and then Danger in partnership with Sharp.

A later revision of the Hiptop upgraded its screen from a monochrome LCD to a color LCD viewable with or without the backlight on (unique to Hiptop models until the LX). The Hiptop was sold by T-Mobile in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Austria.

Sun Com and Edge Wireless used to sell the device in some parts of the United States, and Fido was the exclusive Hiptop carrier in Canada until sales were discontinued after Fido was bought by Rogers Communications, at the end of the Hiptop 2's life.

The Hiptop2 also features a VGA camera, and the addition of page-up/page-down buttons on the top and bottom of its scroll wheel.

The line-by-line scrolling feature is notable to the Hiptop brand of products and is not a feature of most other multi-function cell phones.On October 9, 2006, the Australian Hiptop2 was released through Telstra.The Australian version is practically the same as the Sidekick II in the USA but re-constructed for the Australian audience – it has MSN Messenger built-in as the default messenger and Yahoo!Detailed reviews are available from PC Magazine and cnet.The industrial design was changed as well as a new color scheme to a dark gray shell with silver trim and gloss black buttons.These are different case colors with the same hardware and operating systems.

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