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If you’re not too familiar with macros and VBA, I suggest checking out my free 3-part video series on getting started with Macros & VBA.

Also, if you are new to pivot tables, I have a series to walk you through what they are and how to use them.

Refresh | Change Data Source Any changes you make to the data set are not automatically picked up by the pivot table.

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So we could have refreshed all the Pivot Caches instead of the Pivot Tables. When you create a new Pivot Table you are asked if you want it based on a previous table.

If you say no, this Pivot Table gets its own cache and doubles the size of the source data.

As you know, if you change the data in the original table, the relative pivot table does not refresh the data in it at the meantime.

If you need to refresh the pivot table when data changes in table in Excel, I can tell you some quick ways. Refresh Table Next Next End Sub il y a un probleme dans le code car sa actualise uniquement si on est present sur la sheet en question, or si on est dans un userform qui me donne les graphique , il actualise pas puisque nous somme pas sur active Sheet...

Once you have created a Pivot Table, it doesn’t automatically refresh when you add new data or change the existing data.

Since your Pivot Table is created using the Pivot Cache, when the existing data changes or when you add new rows/columns to the data, the Pivot Cache does not update itself automatically, and hence, the Pivot Table also does not update.

To do this: Note that if you change the data source into an Excel Table and then use the Excel table to create the Pivot Table, you don’t need to use the change data source option.

You can simply refresh the Pivot Table and it’ll account for the new rows/columns.

If you say yes, you keep your Work Book small, but you add to a collection of Pivot Tables that share a single cache.

The entire collection gets refreshed when you refresh any single Pivot Table in that collection. Refresh Count = Count 1 End If Next Next If Count = 0 Then Msg Box "Nothing to update", vb OKOnly, "Update Connection" Else If Count Thank you for your interest in this question.

Watch the first video in that series on Pivot Tables & Dashboards To automatically update our pivot tables, we are going to write a macro with one simple instruction.

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