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Another thing that I like about what I read on the Nfusion HD is that it tells you what the type of resolution the channel is outputting, i.e 720P. Auuugh, I wish they would just get this swap over and done with.

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I got a reply on another forum that there is now a way to sort by HD channels on the latest .bin, something about pressing the OK buttona dn then the blue button, I'm not at home at the moment to try.

[*]Though it's HD, HD from satellite/cable is still compressed MPEG2 (MPEG4 on DN I believe) and so will not look as good as BR.

Damn this card swap, I can get the 8000HD 8p SK module for $460 tax in locally. There is now the new Nfusion HD with PVR functionality, but fromw hat i understand you have to manually record as the PVR functionality is not mature yet.

I so need HDTV content for my new Plasma, I'm so tired of downloading files and then converting them for tversity to stream to my PS3,. Although I think it is about $100 more expensive than the 8000HD, but I love the fact that it updates automatically, I hate updating bins.

I believe it's like that for all HD FTA receivers at the moment. Guy at the store said that they were confident it's not going to be a problem for the next few years down the line.

Usually you need to pick the right channel to update the EPG which doesn't take too long once u know what channel it is. Yeah he's biased but I was gonna buy a box from him either way; and the price he was selling the 8000hd for (0) doesn't seem like he's making much margin on it. thats cause they are using IKS (internet Card Sharing or whatever).How about when recording something, can you watch a previously recorded show at the same time?I'm really hoping to hear from someone that has had a Tivo for a comparison of the PVR.Different TV's do the stretching/zooming of 4x3 material slightly differently.And then there is another setting right under it, for Pan & Scan, Full screen, latterbox, what do you put there?That means you can record one thing, and then watch something else, but it has to be on the same transponder.

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