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Expand the walkway to double in width, keeping the gentle curve.Work with a local nursery or landscape architect to come up with a plan for planting, taking into account your location near the beach.

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The outside walls of our house were certainly built without a cavity, two bricks thick.

So they were not insulated which made the house difficult to heat in winter.

(Chains and railings were removed throughout the country during World War Two to make steel for the war effort.).

So a modern 1940s suburban house was essentially a 1930s one, adapted to meet the needs of the war with bomb shelters, windows taped against bomb blast, blackout material, etc., all of which are considered elsewhere on this site.

Hold monies back till end, until you are sure all work is done correct.

Make sure you get referrals, and don't pay all up front.

The front door opened into a hall from which there were stairs to the upper floor, two doors to living rooms and at the end of the hall a door to the kitchen.

On the upper floor was a landing, two bedrooms above the two sitting rooms, a small bedroom above the front part of the hall and a bathroom above the kitchen.

I think 1960s bathrooms are fabulous; maybe all you need to do is replace your cracked tiles! Change the storm door to a non scalloped version that has more glass, so you'll see that beautiful bright door.

If the siding needs to be replaced, just use cedar shingles.

Houses on a few less affluent estates were smaller and in blocks of three or four, but they were of the same general pattern inside.

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