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The university’s Title IX investigation into Roe’s claims was severely lacking, according to Judge Philip Simon.

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You eek out 25 minutes of riveting conversation about TV, and maybe music if you’re feeling adventurous.

If the DHD is going swimmingly, you might even engage in some witty to-and-fro.

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Every Notre Dame student knows the embarrassing feeling of explaining to a friend what parietals are and how they work. You don’t want to be too forward about it though, because heaven forbid you be impulsive or romantic and ask them out to dinner off campus, at a restaurant, with a menu, and waiters, and nothing to do but talk.

Roe also kept her text messages with Doe after they broke up and selectively released them to the investigator, showing only those that “placed John in a very bad light and without context,” according to Simon.

MORE: Notre Dame talks settlement with expelled student Doe, by contrast, deleted Roe’s contact and hundreds of texts when they broke up.

When he sought her full text stream in discovery, Roe thwarted the effort by dropping her request for a restraining order against him.

The judge portrayed their constant texting as normal relationship behavior, not threatening as Notre Dame portrayed it.

Welcome to our reviews of the university of notre dame (also known as african women to watch).

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