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Andrew Miles, a fourth-year student at Exeter, said that the website “used to be really popular.Everyone used to use it a couple of years ago.” But now it only has 69 active members who have logged on in the past 16 weeks, 57 of whom are male.Then you might just have found yourself a soulmate.

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In words that could easily spark off another Facebook flame war, the FAQs also advise users: “Be careful when flirting.

Sweeping generalisations notwithstanding, it’s frequently the case that a woman writes something flirtatious (not expecting to be taken seriously); the man reads it literally (and takes it at face value).

By Matt Stokes Singletons of Oxford, help is at hand: a dating site aimed exclusively at Oxford University students has just re-launched., which was founded over a decade ago, re-launched on 27th May and describes itself as “a free chat and romance site set up specifically for students of Oxford University”. The website claims to be “the most popular student web site in Oxford by some margin, getting around 15,000 page-views per day”, and claims to have been instrumental in at least 11 marriages.

You reveal where you go on holiday, what you eat, who you hang around with and... Plus the captions on your photos can give an idea of your intelligence (watch out for textspeak and bad opinions) and your sense of humour.

And now Instagram stories lets people see you walk and talk before they’ve even met you.Other dating sites can be expensive, complicated and poorly managed. We keep our membership prices competitive and continue to improve our platform to give a great dating experience. Otherwise, people may read it literally.” But Oxford lads may be disappointed to find out the site is not a free-for-all sex site.The moderators make it clear that “it is not acceptable to make random offers of sex, not even polite ones, unless the recipient’s profile makes it clear that they would appreciate such a message”.The website was born out of a similar project in Cambridge, and in keeping with the Oxbridge theme the site offers the opportunity for members to arrange dates for May and Commemoration Balls.

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