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What’s ironic is no one exercise gets more eye-rolls when I put it into a program than the pushup. ” Funnily enough, despite the hoity-toity attitude it’s rare for someone to walk in on Day 1 who can perform a properly executed pushup, let alone for several repetitions.

Despite its well-known reputation as a staple exercise whenever I place it into a program, a lot of the guys I work with give me the look as if to say, “Really, Tony? Here are the four most common mistakes I see, and you can watch me demonstrate them in this video.

Living alone can be an extremely fulfilling experience but only when a woman is in complete control of her safety.

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A peep hole on the front door is considered to be the first line of defense by many people and a woman living alone must ensure that the doors in her house not just have peep holes but are also made from good material and equipped with quality lock system.

Avoid giving your house’s spare keys to unfamiliar or new friends and make sure that you don’t keep your home keys at easy to locate spots.

Here you’ll find the answer of many dating questions that people ask themselves, hoping to find their own true answers. A lot of women choose to live alone these days, not just for excelling in their professional lives but also for experiencing the true meaning of independence and responsibility.

Women are often considered as the weak link of the society because of their physical vulnerability and this is the reason why they are usually targeted by the miscreants and burglars.

Yes, even if you are an alone and weak woman, you have the capability of fooling the intruder and stalker for sure.

Never let any person in your neighborhood know that you are a woman who is and will always live alone, instead fake out certain things in front of them.

Make sure that the trees, shrubs and grass in front of your house or adjoining your house are regularly trimmed because overgrown shrubs offer a perfect hiding place for an intruder which is certainly undesirable keeping in view your safety issues.

Stalkers and intruders easily spot a weak link in their surroundings and plan their misdoings by studying a pattern of activities followed by the victim.

Dark and isolated areas are definitely considered to be the ideal spots for committing crimes.

Thus women living alone should make sure that not only their indoors but also the outdoors are properly lighted and street lights in their neighborhood are working properly.

This step begins when you actually initiate the process of looking for a new house; make sure that you go through the details of each and every house your agent is planning to show you.

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