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"Weekends are down time and fun, and if you aren’t going to spend it with your girlfriend, it’s clear that this guy is not super into you and probably has no intentions of settling down."This is not to say that someone who doesn’t want to spend every waking moment with you isn’t into you.

Taking space is perfectly normal, and quality time with their friends is also a really important part of general life balance.

“When he sees a future with you, he wants to take care of you and feed you." Although it may seem a little old-school to expect someone to pay for you on a date, it’s still a nice gesture.

When someone really likes you, they will to pull those nice gestures and treat you to something nice.

If you’ve been in a situationship for a while, and you don’t know what your "partner" wants, here are some things to look out for that signal they are not looking for something serious.

According to matchmaker and dating coach Karenna Alexander, someone who doesn’t try to make you a part of their life probably doesn’t want anything serious.

According to dating coach Monica Parikh from School of Love NYC, someone who has serious feelings for you will initiate plans ahead of time.

"He’ll show you through his efforts what he’s really looking for," Parikh tells Elite Daily, "and if he’s just like, 'Hey, do you want to come over and watch some Netflix? on a Friday, you can be pretty well assured that he’s not looking at you as a future romantic partner." Alexander also says that if a partner is skipping out on you during the weekend, especially on Saturdays, they might not be serious about you.It doesn’t have to be a four-course, steakhouse dinner.Even if it’s a cup of coffee or a ticket to see a movie, the nice gestures are often in the little things. That might mean they care about you more than you think."Once you hear [their response], you have to heed that," Parikh says."You cannot think that you’re going to change someone’s mind, because what you’ll do is waste a lot of time.”If the red flags are there, and they’ve been there consistently, you might want to take action.Don’t feel hurt if someone you’re dating isn’t making plans with you 24/7, but do make sure that they are including you and making an effort on the weekends.

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