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Its no longer standing, but there are enough artifacts left behind.

Shortly after that old cabin site we were approaching the summit and could see the cab-less fire tower.

The Museum of Moab features a full cast skeleton of Gastonia, one of the armored dinosaurs that lived in this area during the Early Cretaceous.

There didnt seem to be one place on the trail that we would consider steep, a lot of places on the trail are flat.

We came up a flat area near the top that must have once been the wardens cabin.

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Baby banana plants, the never-ending staple of the Polynesian diet, are called "keikis" (kay-keys).

Young children are also called keikis, since the youth represent the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture.

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Paleontologists have found a treasure trove of dinosaur remains in the rock formations of the Moab area.

Dinosaurs, including birds, are reptiles belonging to the Archosauria (“ruling reptiles”).

Pterosaurs (“winged lizards”) and crocodilians are also included in the Archosauria.

You can also make your own tracks on a half mile hiking trail populated with state-of the art life-size dinosaurs!

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