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When the yellow and red LEDs come on, release the PAUSE button and then press the one or two digits of the kickstart code from the list below on the remote control.

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For Series2 DT DVRs, if there are two versions of the same channel, make sure you select your basic cable channels (marked "CBL") rather than the corresponding digital channels (marked "BOX" or "SAT") to minimize conflicts while recording.

The following steps will put your DVR into Guided Setup, which requires a connection to the Ti Vo Service.

Notes: 1) The kickstart process will not work if your Ti Vo is perpetually stuck at "Welcome, Powering Up..." If you have those symptoms, you'll want to take a look at our Ti Vo repair and troubleshooting guide. 3) We offer this information as a courtesy to customers looking to diagnose/repair their own Ti Vos, but needless to say, we can't take responsibility for the results. FOR SERIES1/SERIES2 Ti Vo DVRs (without DVD recorders): 1.

As the DVR restarts, the left (Receiving) LED light on the front bezel DVR will be green at first. As soon as the left light turns yellow, immediately (within 2 seconds) press and hold down the yellow PAUSE button on the remote. Within a few moments, the right light should turn yellow.

The new look for Browse should make it quicker and easier to find, record, and watch TV shows and movies that interest you.

We have added the ability to create a Wish List search from the app.

Ti Vo Kickstart Codes and Information Ti Vo kickstart codes enable certain diagnostics at boot time.

If you're having problems with your Ti Vo, this information may help you to determine the source of the problem.

Wait 15 seconds, plug the Ti Vo back in, and follow the instructions listed below for your model Ti Vo.

After you have finished the last step of the kickstart process, the Ti Vo will reboot and will perform the appropriate kickstart action.

If you aren't sure your network (or phone connection) is operating, follow the instructions at How to Test the Ti Vo Service Connection before continuing.

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