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In 2002 he worked on the short movie entitled ’’The Last“, and two years later he briefly appeared in ’’The Clinic“.In 2007, the actor had a support role in ’’Becoming Jane“, and having a lot on his plate in the same year, he appeared in ’’Botched“, in the role of Hug, and had a minor role in ’’NCIS“.

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In 2010, Smyth appeared in an episode of ’’Leverage“, his girlfriend’s television series.

In 2014 he landed yet another project, appearing in ’’The Last Ship“, and in the following year portrayed Rodger Sanders in ’’The Outfield“.

Her Twitter account has over 180,000 followers, and in one of her latest posts she wrote ’’NO!!!!!!

We just watched the last episode and were so looking forward to the next season!

As of 2005, the actress joined the prominent comedy television series entitled „How I Met Your Mother“, and in the same year worked on ’’Stereo Sound Agency“.

Two years later, she appeared in ’’My Name is Earl“ and „Big Shots“, and the next year in the short film entitled ’’Struck“, followed by joining the cast of the series entitled ’’Leverage“.

One year after that, she portrayed Eddie in the film ’’Nobody“.

In 2012, Riesgraf began appearing in ’’Criminal Minds“, and in the following year in an episode of the critically acclaimed television series ’’The Mentalist“.

After doing several guest roles in successful television series, such as ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘My Name is Earl’ and ‘Big Shots’, she found main role for the TNT series ‘Leverage’.

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