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Considering the environmental impact of everything from plastic straws to leftovers has become an essential part of an event professional’s job.Venues are making it easier than ever to track food chains, reduce waste and minimize greenhouse gas footprints.In advance of the Independent Hotel Show, the authors named professionalization or leveling up of hotel management—including an increase in the number of women in senior roles and streamlined technology solutions—as a major trend.

Hotels will want to please them with easy check-in and gourmet dining experiences at reasonable prices. Millennial Travel report based on a Resonance Consultancy survey of U. 20 to 36-year-olds found that 85 percent put a priority on venturing out of their comfort zones and learning new things.

In return, satisfied millennials will actively promote their businesses on social media channels. That ranked right behind dining (91 percent) and fun attractions (90 percent).

Wellness tourism is estimated as a $563 billion industry.

From MGM Resorts and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts’ Stay Well rooms to Pullman’s focus on sleep, food, sport and spa, and Hilton’s Five Fee to Fitness program that puts the capability of a gym in the guest room, the hospitality industry has made it easier to stay healthy on the road.

Many travelers seem to prefer technology to human beings—they want to check-in digitally and don’t mind if a robot delivers room service.

This will give staff the opportunity to focus on more personalized service, as opposed to rote tasks.

Disney has confirmed that the new restaurant will be located between Mission: Space and Test Track, but the company has given few details on what exactly diners can expect.

As previously reported, the dining room is believed to have two levels with 376 seats that diners access via "shuttles" similar to the Hydrolators that the Living Seas pavilion previously used.

From chat to VR and AR, tech has gone from gee-whiz to must-have as a tool to understand attendee preferences. In the United States, international inbound travel is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 2.2 percent while the same traffic worldwide is estimated at 6 percent.

International leisure travel is on the rise—Dubai International Airport has become the busiest airport in the world. Guests today are taking charge of their health; hotels are responding with well-equipped fitness centers, pools and spas.

Millennials (those ages 18-34) are expected to represent 50% of all travelers to the USA by 2025, according to the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research.

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