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Some stories are heroic and others read as cautionary tales.

What the couples have in common is a determination to live and love on their own terms.

Jack Johnson and Etta Terry Duryea Married: 1911 The couple: Jack Johnson, the “Galveston Giant,” was the first black world heavyweight boxing champion.

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Helen Pitts was 46, a white suffragist writer and publisher who worked as a clerk in Douglass’s office. Their story: Douglass spent a year in depression over the death of his first wife Anna in 1882.

When he and Pitts married, the new couple was met with a firestorm of criticism within Washington society and the local press.

Married: 1884 The couple: Frederick Douglass was a former slave who became the leader of the abolitionist movement.

In 1884, he was 66 years old and widowed, an elder statesman who held the post of District of Columbia’s Recorder of Deeds.

Vulgar and reprehensible.""There's nothing worse than a half-black, and I'm crushed that my own daughter has entered into such a disgusting relationship," he continued in the letter. "Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix," the judge said during the case.

Forty-nine years ago, however, the father may have been on the wrong side of history, but on the right side of the law. Loving, a white man, and his black wife, Mildred, married in Washington, D. The couple, originally from Virginia, were convicted under the state's Racial Integrity Act, a law that banned interracial marriages at the time. The presiding judge told Mildred "as long as you live you will be known as a felon," according to PBSAccording to PBS, the interracial couple was "hauled from their house and throw into jail, all for the crime of getting married." In 1958, 24 states in the United States banned interracial marriage.Their families weren’t much better; Douglass’ children felt betrayed and his daughter-in-law even sued him.Pitts’ family were abolitionists who admired Douglass but some family members couldn’t bring themselves to accept him.Over the next three years, they had a son and a daughter. Du Bois and took an interest in African-American culture. His daughter Avril, who became a popular composer and conductor, grew up to have complicated thoughts about her racial identity.Coleridge-Taylor became more involved in issues of racial equality and joined the Pan-African Movement, where he became close to W. A Jet Magazine article from 1955 reported that she lived in South Africa, where she was treated as white and conditionally supported apartheid.The Yellowhammer state held a state-level law until 2000, even though the state couldn't enforce it.

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