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Don’t make it obvious though, and try to behave like you normally do.

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The next time you have a conversation with a man, touch him now and then on his arms or back as you talk to him.

Don’t make it obvious that you’re trying hard to touch him.

Always look sexy and glamorous no matter what you’re doing.

Wear snug, pretty clothes that make you look sexy and attractive.

How to be a sex goddess A sex goddess knows her way around her bedroom, but it doesn’t just end there.

Really, you can’t just sleep with every man to prove that you have what it takes to achieve a sex goddess status.Click here to read the first three super sexy tips on how to be a seductress.While the first three steps are the most obvious and the most sexy, you do need to work on a few subtle signs to be a real sex goddess.A little bit of skin is always exciting though, just as long as it isn’t screaming ‘look-at-me!’ [Read: How to look sexy while sleeping with a man] Touch and talk to a man The manner in which you talk to a man too has a lot to do with attaining your sex goddess status.[Read: Should you wear revealing clothes in office?

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