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Both Visual Studio Online (Microsoft's TFS-in-the-cloud), Git Hub and Bit Bucket support this heavily.We use Git Hub ourselves, but I've noticed that Microsoft made some considerable improvements since we moved away from TFS.Truth is, nowadays I hear more people avoiding TFS because they believe that TFVC is the only version control tool available on TFS than I hear people actually praising TFVC as a version control solution.

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Today I had need to explicitly remove a TFS 2015 workspace. Get a list of all workspaces (you can refine further if needed) This will return a list of all workspaces including the Owner of the workspace.

I was troubleshooting a build and wanted to completely remove any workspace the build service might be using. Find the name of the workspace you want to delete and also pay attention to the owner name. Use the following command to delete the specific workspace.

Now that we’ve sorted it out, let me make something clear: my goal is not to bash TFVC, I respect it as an important tool that played an important role to the success of TFS.

But I truly believe that its role has already been played and it should be left to rest in peace.

To help me compile this post, I asked my colleagues about things they can do now they couldn't do when we were still using TFS's centralized source control system. If you still can't convince your boss with these arguments, tell your boss how much more productive you can be with Git.

Or you can reverse that argument by telling him or her how much money he's throwing away every day by sticking with a centralized source control system.

Anyway, in January 2014, after three years with TFS, we finally moved to Git.

With 1.5 years of experience, I think we're entitled to having an opinion about how they compare.

Almost every time I do some kind of talk somewhere, people ask me for advice on how to convince their management that they should drop Microsoft Team Foundation Server's source control system and move over to Git.

In this post, I'll be talking about the source control system only.

I did this from a new TFS 2015 Build Agent machine (non-XAML) that had VS2015 installed as well. (NOTE: The command above uses “workspaces” while this command uses “workspacenot the plural form) In my case, I was looking for a workspace used by the new TFS 2015 Build Agent.

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