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As Amanda writhed and struggled against the invading tentacle inside her pussy, two others reached up and tore the bikini bottoms from her body, giving the monster total access to her now.The monster probed Amanda's stretched pussy with one tentacle while another moved to her now exposed anus.

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The tentacle monster moved slowly around Amanda positioning itself at her feet.

Still holding her arms and legs in its tight suctioning grip, it raised her legs up holding her head up out of the water and spread her legs wide.

It took a couple hours driving over a not so smooth "road" to get to the small lake, but once they were there, Rick set up a blanket close to the lake and they changed into their swimsuits to take a dip in the inviting waters. He had only been gone for a moment or two when it happened... The creature began to slowly drag her backward heading to the cave she had found moments ago. She began thrashing violently, trying to make as much noise as she could to be heard by anyone.

After about twenty minutes of splashing and kissing and swimming in the lake, Rick had to go find someplace to relieve himself. Amanda was swimming around lazily in the lake when she noticed a dark shape in the brush on one side of the lake. Amanda turned around to try to free herself from the underwater weeds. rising out of the water only three or four feet away were several pinkish-colored tentacles! But there was no one around to come to her rescue, and quickly she tired and her futile thrashing slowed.

At the same time, the monster must have thought that she was still making too much noise and the tentacle that was covering her mouth as a gag turned and pushed it's way deep int her mouth!

Now Amanda was at the mercy of this terrible beast with all three holes stuffed full.Amanda's breath caught in her throat as she was skewered by the probing, squirming tentacle.She screamed behind her tentacle gag but it was so muffled that it was all but useless.On this particular day, though the pair decided to check out this quaint little lake he had heard about from some of his friends who had been there before.So packing up a rented Jeep with a picnic lunch Rick and Amanda headed to the lake for a nice day of swimming and exploring the lake they had heard about. He got out, leaving her to lounge in the warm water of the lake. The tentacles quickly seized upon Amanda; one catching each of her arms, one wrapping around her slim waist, and one more moving up to cover her mouth making any further screams just muffled sounds.Rick Peterson and Amanda King were a couple of second-year college kids on Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico.

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