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I got the recipe and made a few changes to it in my own kitchen. —Lori Mecca, Grants Pass, Oregon I grew up in Biloxi, Mississippi, where rice, garlic and seafood are staples of Gulf Coast cuisine.

This easy shrimp and rice dish is a longtime family favorite that's ready in minutes.

Your best bet for gauging whether an unopened shelf-stable product with this type of date is still of satisfactory quality is to simply smell and examine it first.

Always discard foods that have developed an off odor, flavor or appearance.

Because the steaks are flattened, marinade isn’t need.

Instead, they’re filled with a colorful stuffing of red pepper and spinach and draped with a flavorful, homemade blue cheese sauce.

The Gouda melts beautifully, but you can make it with Swiss or sharp cheddar, too.

—Susan Marshall, Colorado Springs, Colorado When I was living in California, I tasted this rich cheesy pasta dish at a neighborhood Italian restaurant.

Either way, packing codes help manufacturers and grocers rotate their stock and quickly locate products in the event of a recall.

But they are not meant to be interpreted as an indicator of either food safety or quality.

The rich filling and flaky cheddar-flecked crust make it taste so homey.

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