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Because just as criminals ‘case’ several homes before they commit their crime, dangerous men pick up on cues to help them ‘select,’ who they target. Reporter Karen Clark said that if she was walking in a dark alley and heard footsteps approaching, she would have been relieved to see the handsome “boy next door” Ross approaching. She said this following a death-row interview of Ross who had killed and raped at least eight women. His ploy:using a fake broken limb and playing on the sympathies of women to help with his groceries.

And researchers are learning more and more about the tactics used by perpetrators, and the similarities in personality traits, body language and dress of the victims they select on the street. Helpless-types can be just as dangerous as the hooded punk standing on the street corner.

Have you ever wondered why one woman might be marked ‘easy prey’ over another?

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Long before a victim becomes aware of his presence, an experienced predator is already going through his initial evaluation, often referred to as the With ploys such as those used by serial killer Ted Bundy, the act of distraction comes from his deceptive ploy of acting vulnerable and needing help.

Playing on the helpful and sympathetic nature of most women, this is an especially effective tactic.

A fascinating study conducted in the early 80s called the Grayson/Stein Study, gave a behind-the-scenes look at how predators choose their would-be victims.

As part of the study, convicted violent offenders were shown video clips of pedestrians in a busy metropolitan area.

You know the saying, “Wear that (low-cut dress, mini skirt, etc.,) and you are asking for trouble.” But is it really true? In fact an entire campaign known as International Denim Day started, after a Supreme Court in Italy overturned a rape conviction because the Justices argued that since the 18 year old girl was wearing tight jeans, she must have helped the rapist remove them. Women who are the victims of sexual violence are just as likely to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, as they are other outfits.

Yet this goes against everything women are taught at a young age: don’t dress in a way that’s provocative or you’re asking for it.

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Compare the two:a confident woman, head held high in a short skirt,to a self-conscious woman wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, shoulders slumped with no eye contact.

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