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The next huge difference is the inside of this diaper.

They went from a bamboo/microfiber insert to a minky insert.

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The old style easyfits were made with a thicker sturdier PUL (the bottom PUL in the picture).

It was stretchy and I was always able to get a great fit.

I have the below picture the new diaper(left) and the old diaper (right) to compare the different features.

The new version has aplix and snaps that match the color of the PUL.

They are still super sticky and stay closed while washing.

And get this, there is still plenty of room for him to grow in it as he is only on the middle rise setting for snaps and the waist still has plenty of room to open up. So you might be wondering why I love the easyfits so much. The have the best aplix (velcro) I have ever used on a cloth diaper.

It is supposed to hold about 20% more liquid than the old version.

Plus the minky also matched the color of the outside of the diaper!

I almost feel worried that I'm going to snag it when I am stuffing the insert.

I haven't had issues with my brown or green diapers so its not that big of a deal but I really liked the old style PUL better.

Other than that I would say the inserts are pretty much identical as far as sizing goes.

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