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She graduated from college later that year, moved home to Maine, got a job as a case manager in social work, and now pours her extracurricular efforts into domestic violence awareness. “The weather is the biggest trigger for me, and I still have a hard time opening up to others.

That winter was the snowiest I can remember, and watching snow fall brings it all rushing back," she says.

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A friend stayed with her in her apartment, and Sophia literally followed her from room to room.

"I wasn’t able to take care of myself," Sophia tells SELF.

If she heard even the slightest noise, her heart rate would skyrocket, a stress rash would creep across her cheeks, neck, and chest, and she would start to shake. Almost three years later, Sophia has made incredible strides in her healing process. He videotaped her trying to defend herself with a champagne bottle, saying he’d show the world how abusive was.

But like many survivors, she says she has sometimes struggled with everyday things that remind her of what she went through. On a winter night in early 2015, Sophia's boyfriend raped her. He called her a “retard,” a “cunt,” a “stupid bitch.” Every time she tried to get up from where he’d shoved her to the ground, he pushed her right back down.

While triggers can unleash nausea, survivors may have to contend with many other PTSD symptoms, such as reliving the experience through recurring dreams or flashbacks. “Abusers accomplish this through various methods: lying, sabotage, trickery,” Lynn Fairweather, an abuse survivor and the founder and president of Presage Consulting and Training, a boutique threat assessment and management firm centered around domestic violence, tells SELF.

Three years after leaving an abusive relationship that lasted almost as long, Melanie*, a 26-year-old from the San Francisco Bay area, has constant nightmares. Lynn, 43, of the Pacific Northwest, recalls when her abuser would leave her dog at the edge of the woods, then come home and tell Lynn he’d killed her pet just to watch her panic.

Due to the nature of his job, Kathy’s ex used to come home with a distinctive rancid scent.

“He wouldn’t shower, and he would rape me with that stench all over him,” she says. But to this day, if she ever catches a whiff of that specific odor, a dry heave will rise in her throat. Gaslighting is an abusive manipulation tactic meant to loosen someone’s grip on reality.

“Crunching gravel in New Hampshire doesn’t mean the same thing, but my body didn't know the difference.

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