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With computers completely refreshing after players sign out, it has been a struggle to track cheaters down.

Blizzard said that creating a pleasant playing environment was paramount to the team, and that the studio was trying to issue countermeasures to combat the issue.

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A user on the MMO-Champion forums mentioned his inability to access World of Warcraft, and posted a photo of a government pamphlet detailing offensive content in the game (seen above).

We contacted the user, who identified himself as Siavash A., a freelance journalist residing in Tehran.

A Blizzard spokesperson later clarified that changes to comply with United States trade restrictions and economic sanction laws went into effect this week.

Blizzard said it was unable to comment further or clarify which countries outside of Iran are also affected.

This means that only players with valid Korean game licenses will be able to play the game in the region.

Blizzard previously issued bans to roughly 20,000 players in the region, after it was discovered that some hackers were using third-party programs when visiting internet cafes.

Siavash explained that while the Islamic Revolution Game Designers Community is not an official agency of the Iranian government, it is being funded by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and "operates under their supervision." It's currently unclear if the Iranian government has permanently blocked access to World of Warcraft; Siavash said he and his friends cannot reach to play World of Warcraft or Diablo 3 without using a virtual private network or other workarounds.

According to Siavash, Iran has no inherent market for foreign video games; instead, most available Western games are pirated copies imported from places such as Dubai.

Games weren't officially under the purview of the Iranian government until recently, so they're in a legal gray area.

Media such as books and films must be approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for distribution in Iran, but while Western video games aren't explicitly illegal, they're not exactly sanctioned, either.

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