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If riders don't commonly rely on trip names, leave this field blank.

If a Identifies the block to which the trip belongs.

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User Ports are assigned by IANA using the "IETF Review" process, the "IESG Approval" process, or the "Expert Review" process, as per [RFC6335]. The registration procedures for service names and port numbers are described in [RFC6335].

Assigned ports both System and User ports SHOULD NOT be used without or prior to IANA registration.

needs to provide sufficient contrast when viewed on a black and white screen.

The W3C techniques for accessibility evaluation and repair tools document offers a useful algorithm to evaluate color contrast.

This field also allows the transit agency to indicate that riders must call the agency or notify the driver to arrange a pickup at a particular stop.

The following are valid values for this field: Indicates whether riders are dropped off at a stop as part of the normal schedule or whether a dropoff at the stop is unavailable.

Port numbers are assigned in various ways, based on three ranges: System Ports (0-1023), User Ports (1024-49151), and the Dynamic and/or Private Ports (49152-65535); the difference uses of these ranges is described in [RFC6335].

According to Section 8.1.2 of [RFC6335], System Ports are assigned by the "IETF Review" or "IESG Approval" procedures described in [RFC8126].

TCP/UDP: Joe Touch; Eliot Lear, Allison Mankin, Markku Kojo, Kumiko Ono, Martin Stiemerling, Lars Eggert, Alexey Melnikov, Wes Eddy, Alexander Zimmermann, Brian Trammell, and Jana Iyengar SCTP: Allison Mankin and Michael Tuexen DCCP: Eddie Kohler and Yoshifumi Nishida Service names and port numbers are used to distinguish between different services that run over transport protocols such as TCP, UDP, DCCP, and SCTP.

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