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The valuable lesson in hindsight for me is AWALT!!!

idk about sri Lankan women but I witnessed a woman wearing burka at work who decided she didn't want to wear burka anymore and now wears yoga pants an a tight top and dyed her hair blonde over night.

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She bring her ex BF to her current BF's home while he is not there and sex with him.

She used the car of her current BF to visit her ex BF's home to have sex.

They like to wear make-up and rarely leave the home without being beautifully presentable.

The bride from Sri Lanka is not just nice to gaze upon, she’s also great for sharing in a man’s life. The home of a Sri Lankan woman is always a pleasant sanctuary from the stresses of life.

Many Sri Lankan women choose to work outside of the home, but most prefer to be in the home so as to care for the husband and the children, who are the recipients of a great deal of affection.

Sri Lankan women take a good care of themselves and look enticing in their fashionable yet traditional wardrobe.

Theirs is a beauty unique to the world, with a range of skin hues from very dark to lighter brown.

They have large, captivating eyes and usually slim figures.

This time I was able to see much more of the country and it’s wonderful people. The population of Sri Lanka is just over 20 million which is 5 times the population of Ireland. They speak “Sinhala” which means “lion’s blood” (not as intimidating as it sounds).

It must be a bit of a squeeze considering Sri Lanka is 10,000 square miles smaller than Ireland. However, English is the language of commerce in Sri Lanka and most people seem to speak a bit.

Despite not having a lot of time there I quickly fell in love with the island and the Sri Lankan people.

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