Speed dating in london reviews

I'm going to tell my mate he has to come."Richard, Clapham"A really nice bunch of people last week. I loved your event last night and will be recommending it to others.Very professional, a great bar and a really fun crowd. Now that we've done it once we're thinking about doing it again."Sarah Just tried #speeddating /w @original_dating. #FF @original_dating Via Twitter"I had no idea what to expect and was a bit nervous.He wrote his name in big angry capital letters too.

Just as I was starting to relax and actually enjoy the night, the scary/weird/odd man, who I’ve decided to nickname the ‘serial killer’ came to my table.

He had a stone-cold look on his face as he sat down, and when I asked his name, he grabbed my scorecard and wrote his name down rather than telling me it, and he asked me to do the same.

Whether your looking for someone or just want to meet new people for the night this event is the one for you. Friendly welcome and friendly throughout as we went from venue to venue with a mixed group.

The night consists of 4 amazing venues with free shots and games in each one! The evening was well organised by Rob - and good value for money, being far cheaper than paying for each bar/club (and quicker since we didn't queue!

It was the same formula: women sit at tables around the room, men move from table to table every three minutes when the whistle is blown – and it wasn’t actually bad.

I should interject before I go on that I do think speed dating should come with a firm caution along the lines of: ‘It is entirely possible you’ll have crap, awkward dates where the three-minute slot may feel like an eternity. We cannot be held accountable for the shittiness of the talent on offer.’ I didn’t walk away from the night with the feeling that I’d met my Prince Charming, but I did meet an entire spectrum of men – from the weird one who gave off a serial killer-vibe (more on him in a second), to the beardy man who chatted to me for an extra 40 seconds after the whistle was blown. This time around I was on top form: I made the ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘friend’ selection on my scorecard as the night progressed, I made notes too.

I've been speed dating before but yours was the best I've attended."Jon, Balham"Me and my mate booked as a dare! But once I was two dates in it was easy, and really good fun. The girls were lovely and the other guys really friendly. I met two guys I liked tonight so let's see how it goes."Elise, Wandsworth"The event was really good. Much more relaxed than we thought it would be and loads more people than we were expecting. Some of the guys were well cute."Francesca, Earlsfield"As someone who organises events myself I thought I should drop you a quick email to tell you how impressed I was with last night's speed dating event.

We thought it would be full of saddos, but it was amazing. and Jason, Tooting"I wasn't really looking for anything but my friend has been single for ages so I said I'd come with her for moral support. I've nearly lost my voice from talking so much, but I'd definitely do it again."Paul, Croydon"Lol. I went on my own but about 15 of us went out together after. A few of us are going to meet up at the comedy event."Charlie"That was hilarious. No nutters either and some of the guys were hot."Sinead, New Cross"My friend and me went on the boat party and totally loved it. It was really well organised, the host made everyone feel really relaxed, the venue was lovely and the mix of people was much better than I expected.

We were really surprised that it's actually quite cool. I'll definitely be recommending it to my single friends."Tamsin"I've just come out of a relationship and my friend made me come.

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