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The question therefore arises: “In developed countries, persons with moderate and severe mental disabilities are trained in IL skills, whether at community level or in rehabilitation centres, and many are able to live independently or semi-independently with support.

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Have you ever written a shopping list for the upcoming weeks groceries and then forgot to bring it with you to the store?

If so, you will know how difficult it is to remember everything that was on the list.

Some parents/guardians of such children live with a mixture of hope and fear of what will become of their children.

Others give up hope on their children and wait for fate.

The examples below show written lists for how to complete tooth brushing: If you are working with children who can read and understand directions, you can use a task analysis that has a lot of detail, such as this example for doing laundry.

If your child is unable to read, task analyses can be made using just picture cards or actual photographs to illustrate the steps of a skill.In Kenya, the majority of those with mild intellectual disabilities is dependent and hardly gets beyond class six.Those with autism especially the severe cases are dependents all their lives.Kenya, like any other developing country, is faced with pertinent issues on disabilities which have not been fully addressed at school and national levels.One such issue is the preparedness of all sectors working with or for People with Disabilities (Pw Ds) in terms of Independent Living (IL).Occasionally, we see adults chaired or locked in the house.

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