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He is flexible to the needs of the individual and changes his tactics when appropriate.He described himself as a chameleon, but his core message of empowerment and empathy remains the same with all his clients.He also employs professional stylists and photographers who can give his clients makeovers while he acts as their personal wingman in the Miami dating scene.

Dan has worked with 16-year-olds dealing with social anxiety and 70-year-olds re-entering the dating scene after a divorce.

“I know if they listen to my advice, it’s going to fix their problem,” he said.

“I don’t want people to go through what I went through,” he said.

“I’ve hit rock bottom, and I know I can help people get out of that through understanding dating.” Some matchmaking companies take on dozens of clients at a time and put them through a one-size-fits-all process. He tailors his services to the individual client’s needs and refers clients to a colleague if he believes someone else can better help them find a particular type of date.

Dan focuses on teaching his clients practical dating tactics and skills they can use right away.

He said he is always honest with his clients because that’s how they grow and improve.

Dan takes a proactive approach to matchmaking and does everything he can to help his clients find love and happiness.

While he matches his clients up on dates, he also provides specific feedback on appearance, conversational style, and dating skills.

The Short Version: Busy singles who want to save time and energy in the dating scene can always hire a professional to do the hard work it takes to make a successful connection.

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