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The program will attempt to determine if a proxy server is configured for use by Internet Explorer and use this.

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I found quite a neat little trick, whether or not the following technical processes are by design I dont know but I assure you this has worked for me loads of times.

I have written a program, for the Windows implementation of the Sophos Anti-Virus, that automates this manual process.

This program determines the installed version of SAV, checks whether there are new virus definitions (IDE files) available on the Sophos web site, downloads and installs them if appropriate.

Andrew Mc Lean, 3 September 2004 Sophos Anti-virus (SAV) is a proprietary anti-virus program, which is mainly marketed to large organisations.

The license purchased by my employer allows the use of the software by employees on their personal computers at home. Unfortunately, although it is in many respects a very nice program, the basic version of SAV does not provide for automated updating over the Internet, instead a tedious manual process is required.For more information about software packages, see What types of updating are available?If you disable the use of fixed packages while you are still subscribed to a fixed package, you will still be subscribed to that package and it will continue to be downloaded until you unsubscribe from it.If email alerting is active, the administrator will also receive an email alert.When a subscribed fixed version is retired, if you do not change your subscription before support ends you are automatically subscribed to a newer Fixed Extended package.For more information see Sophos knowledgebase article 121139.

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