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The can often be found hanging around major thoroughfares in Budapest.

In Eger, the best known restaurants frequented by Skinheads are Taverna and Express.

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Certain international linkages were forged that year -- e.g., with German rightists including the ideologue Gerhard Frey, leader of the German Peoples Union (DVU).

The journal of a neo-fascist segment of Hungarian Skinheads, (New Order) in Hungarian for an openly neo-Nazi Skinhead faction.

Skins are active in rifle clubs, sports clubs, and at military secondary schools (a major Skinhead base is in the military academy in Eger).

They are not "lumpens." Most come from families of professionals and have at least an eighth grade education.

But the term is used for others as well; foreign students and guest workers, Arabs, blacks, Cubans, homosexuals, liberals, the poor, the homeless and, of course, the Jews.

When the Skinhead movement first arose in Hungary in the early 1980's, it was a small but vocal force among those opposed to the then-Communist regime.

On August 30, 1992, a national holiday, Skinheads who gathered in the center of the city of Eger shouted Nazi slogans and beat up a passerby thought to be Jewish.

On October 23, 1992, the 36th anniversary of Hungary's 1956 anti-Soviet revolt, hundreds of Skinheads, marching into Budapest in their boots and bomber jackets and openly carrying Nazi symbols, shouted down President Arpad Goncz, preventing his delivery of a patriotic speech.

It is headed by a youth known only -- and proudly -- as "Mengele," after the infamous doctor at Auschwitz.

Mengele reportedly puts the Guards' membership at "a few dozen." These members have been known to attack Gypsies, Arabs, Jews and foreigners in the streets.

When that regime fell, the restless animus of the Skinheads turned toward the Gypsy population and the growing numbers of "non-Hungarians" (sometimes including Jews, but more particularly :non-Whites") whom they regarded as dangerous criminal elements.

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