Six months dating poem

And, so much love in my heart to wish us a happy six months anniversary.

So many butterflies in my tummy to remind me of a special day as this.

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Happy six months, anniversary to us, my morning wine. I wouldn't want to live another six months but by your side.

It doesn't seem like six months to me, it feels like I've loved you all my life, however, I'm not sick of this love, instead, I want you even more.

May life not tear us apart, and may our heads find comfort in each other's bosom. A lot to be thankful for but coming across your love is more than worthy of my praise.

Six months of your love is better than an eternity spent on an island of gold.

I've been at my best for the last six months only because I'm in love with you.

A cake wouldn't do, a gift wouldn't do either, but the promise of your love to me on this day would make my heart leap for joy. May we merry with love in our hearts till death do us apart.

What I do promise to you is an unending love full of virtues.

Now, I know that wind is love because that wind was you. Now, that I'm awake, I hope I never slumber into the misery of loneliness again.

Every day, I'm grateful that you wear on your finger the promise of my love for you, and in your heart, your affection for me.

The blood flowing in my veins carry the colour of love because I'm in love with you and you are my life.

Your love for me woke me up to the beauty of life six months ago. Do not ever let go of my hand as you are the reason I live.

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