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At this point a few things are arguably clear from the illicit video clip. Clad in black and creeping, the men with pixel blurred faces advance on the benched sissy. Instead the jeans are ripped from his legs and his body tugged from the bench onto the grass. The guy appears mortified to suddenly find himself sprawled out in a little red sheer vest, a shiny black nylon ladies thong, a pair of nylon black and white striped knee highs and one platform bootie. An instinctive stance intended to protect what remains of his modesty.

The guy is probably there to meet somebody who he is corresponding with on the phone. It also appears that his exhibited sissyness is something ordinarily kept under wraps. The Chuck Taylors in his bag indicate that his journey to the park was not made wearing the foot contorting (and fresh out the box) platform boots. Entirely unaware of the imminent danger that lurks nearby, the guy pouts with his freshly painted purple lips and taps at his phone. The Video Voyeur slowly moves forward towards the guy on the bench. The Video Voyeur fails to avoid shaky-cam as her speed increases. Pushing, pulling, jeering nonsensically, but saying nothing coherent. The camera is now in his face but the Sissy is blind to it. He only starts to realise what's happening after they rip off his jacket and playfully wrench down the zip on his left bootie. The camera eagerly eats up his pale white hairless legs. His shame radiates from blushing cheeks and teary eyes. Each sock ends with a thick swath of white at the toe and a chunky strip of white elastic below the knee.

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The guy looks up from his nicotine induced reveries and retrieves a trilling phone from his pocket.

As he studies it, the guy intermittently looks up and around.

The long bootcut jeans can't hide the fact that the guy is wearing a pair of particularly ostentatious women's platform ankle boots.

When the cigarette is finished the guy drops the butt and daintily crushes it with his platformed toe.

Sissy credentials confirmed, the guy shakes his head in a, 'I can't believe I'm doing this' manner and retrieves a tube of lipstick from his bag. They easily restrain and coerce him into even greater humiliation. Thighs bare white beneath his sissy vest, the jeans bunch at his knees.

After a quick look around to ensure that nobody is in the vicinity, the gothy looking sissy begins to paint his thin lips bigger with a tube of metallic purple lipstick. The Sissy finally starts to fight out of panic and fright. Still unsure of what is actually happening, only his gradual forced exposure a sure reality. The kicking only helps them to spin him and ease down the flared jeans. To fall into a crouch and hold onto his remaining attire would've been wise, but wisdom is lost in the wilderness of panic.

One may presume that he's bare footed given the shoes in his bag, yet in the minutes that follow he does uncross and cross his legs a couple of times, inadvertently showing off the boots hidden by his long jeans.

At one point the camera rabidly tilts down and zooms in on the exposed footwear.

The camera zooms in on the pair of black Chuck Taylors poking from the bag. He's in his early to mid-twenties and a little on the short side.

The guy lights up, puffs on the cigarette and sips at his hot drink. A pretty bare face sits beneath a swath of dark wet hair slickly combed back. Slim everywhere except for a slightly paunchy middle.

Just then he looks up, shifts and repositions himself .

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