Single parent dating statistics

Single parents have their work cut out for them as far as raising a child is concerned, yet some single parent households are able to cope with this setup more effectively than others.The following Apt Parenting article will throw light on some general single parent statistics and trends.

Statistics in America The following statistics have been collected by the U. Census Bureau through the medium of varied reports.

These comprise figures from the latest edition (2014).

It most certainly depends on the nature of the parenting involved.

It would be completely unfair to state that children in single parent households are more prone to violence, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse, even though, some statistics do point towards this.

This was quite a high number in comparison to 85% of fathers from two married parent families, and 62% mothers in two married parent families. In 2009, 39% of employed single mothers had a low-wage job.

In 2012, 48% of single parents worked full-time, all through the year, and approximately 24% were not employed at any time of the year.► Single parents in the U. have low wages, in that, these are usually lower than most other U. Note: A low wage is defined as an hourly wage that is less than two-thirds of the median hourly wage.► In 2012, single mother families earned median wages of ,493―which was 31% of the ,455 median wages that were earned by two parent families.

In 2013, 56% of single parents had only one child, whereas 30% had two children.► It was studied that of the single parents, most had attended high school and a majority had even attended college.

According to the figures collected in 2013, 85% of single parents had graduated high school, 54% had attended college, and at least 18% had a Bachelor's degree.► In 2013, it was studied that 69% of all single parents were employed.

Most families successfully overcome this hurdle and emerge much stronger and closer due to such a situation.

Inferring too much information from these statistics is not advisable, as every family is unique and different.

There are certainly some obvious advantages and clear disadvantages of raising a child in a single parent household, but this is not a debilitating or a crippling factor by any means.

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