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These lands had formerly been owned by a Saxon family by the name of Ford. In the early 14 century John Barttelot, the ninth generation in the Barttelot line, married the daughter and heiress of the Stophams and came into sole possession of the Stopham and Barttelot properties.The name “Berthelot”, thought to be a variant of Barttelot, is still current in Normandy. He captured the castle of Fontenay in France for which Edward the Black Prince gave him a castle for his crest.Walter Barttelot who represented the 21st generation. In the eleventh generation of Barttelots the lineage identifies an Edmund Barttelot of Stopham and Ernly who died in 1591, three years after the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

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Richard operated the ferry between Amesbury and Newbury, and that area in Newbury is now Maudsley State Park.

Richard died on May 25, 1647 and is buried in the old Sawyer Burying Ground in Newbury. was a representative in the colonial legislature from 1679-81 and again in 1684.

At that time, such fevers were treated by keeping the patient from drinking water or other cool liquids, loading him with cloths, keeping him in a confined room with hot air, and drenching him with hot liquids and heating medicines until the natural strength of the patient’s constitution enabled him to recover, or until death.

He gained recognition several years later during an outbreak of diphtheria (then known as throat distemper) which killed 114 people in Kingston.

Hannah Webster was the great-granddaughter of John Webster, who came from Ipswich, England, and who was admitted as a freeman at Boston on March 4, 1634.

He moved to Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1642 and worked as a baker.

He arrived there with only a decent quantity of apparel, about , a small horse, saddle, bridle, saddlebags, with a small bill of medicine, a pocket case of surgeon’s instruments and some instruments for pulling teeth. Joseph Seccombe, a gentleman of considerable liberality of mind and the possessor of a valuable library.

Here Bartlett found an ample opportunity for improvement, both from his conversations with Rev.

He built a large house a short distance above Amesbury Ferry, where he reared a family of seven children including young Josiah Bartlett.

After spending his younger years there in Ferry Street, Stephen purchased a farm in the north-west part of Amesbury called “The Lion’s Mouth” and lived there the rest of his life.

Early on, in 1752, when confronted with a life threatening fever, Bartlett treated himself (against the express wishes of his attending physician Dr.

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