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It has also been observed that adoption does not fulfill the "Have a child" want, but it fulfills the "Get a Grandchild" want.This is likely because there is a specific "Adopt a Child" want.

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If the game generates the baby, toddler, or child to be adopted, that Sim's personality may be subject to the "first born effect" even if his or her appearance is not.

The Social Worker will usually remain on the lot for a while after the child has been dropped off and Buy and Build modes will be disabled until she has left.

If the adoption is approved, the Social Worker will bring the adoptee at 10 AM the next day.

To make sure someone is there to receive the child, it is best to call the day before a Sim's day off.

It is not known if the younger Sims will be made available for adoption in this case.

This section describes features that are only available in Children in The Sims 2 who have been taken away from a family by a social worker are first in line in their age bracket to be adopted by another family.

Like in The Sims 3, adoptive parents will get a few days off work, regardless of their age.

Unlike previous games in The Sims series, previous cases of neglecting babies or toddlers will not be held against the adopting household.

These calls will usually occur around 4pm, and will ask the player to decide if the Sims should adopt a baby at that time.

In The Sims 2, a Sim can initiate adoption over the phone by calling the Adoption Center under the Service menu.

The player gets to decide if the Sim adopts a baby, toddler, or child, but cannot select the adoptee's gender.

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