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There was not one, but in the natural we had the State prepare for one and put up Tsunami signs.Over 70 believers here that I know began to have dreams about Tsunamis and most of them hadn’t heard Bob’s word.The riots affected about 3 neighborhoods it was around 16 blocks, and about 40,000-200,000 people living or working in those areas were affected by the actual riots.

We began to pray and there was State wide prayer organized by several different organizations and the Tsunami didn’t come. 2) Words from God should not cause mass panic and fear but perspective and hope: You can’t tell people by the millions to move away without strategy…this is just foolish.

If God was really giving us a perspective of mercy to move away because some big devastation was going to happen, then we should have a clearer directive then “Move away nuclear power is going to wipe you out probably in 6 months.” Bob’s most recent words were to move away by September 2011. When has anything terrible been unavoidable in the whole New Testament?

Again not Bob’s fault but it can show you that the prophetic really needs stewardship.

Another thing to note about that particular word was when Bob gave that word he was in Orange County prophesying like it was LA, so even the church in Orange County was very scared for themselves and yet nothing happened even remotely close to them.

That means you get to do relief and restoration and there is nothing like seeing the Kingdom move when there is so much need! I have done relief for over 20 years off and on, and God just shows up in the most beautiful way.

Its a good time to do disaster preparedness and learn what is available in your city.1) These words are not promises from God but they are warnings.Bob Jones gave a warning several years ago about a Tsunami in LA hitting in 2010.I think God would rather use Israelis to prophecy about their future or America or someone who loves them.If I began to prophecy over Fort Mills where Rick Joyner is from that there was a Tsunami coming and they should move, he would know because of what God has planted there for his movement that he would have to address the words.About the Earthquake and Nuclear fallout: God has not been speaking to anyone I know in California about this theme for now.

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