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Second, this issue demonstrates one aspect of the important and interconnected relationship that Australia has with its Indonesian neighbour.

(Source: The Jakarta Post, 22 August 2006) 5) by Paul Sullivan Paul Sullivan, Professor of Economics, National Defense University and Adjunct Professor, Security Studies, Georgetown University, considers those who stand up to say enough in the midst of terrible human tragedy: Enough.

A decade ago, with authoritarian regimes firmly ensconced throughout the Middle East, extremist movements were languishing in their provincial hubs, unable to capture the imagination of the broader Muslim public.

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That is the call of the peacemakers, and that takes great courage. That is the feeling deep in the souls of some great thinkers and great leaders. That is the sense, one can be sure, that Christians, Jews, Muslims and others must feel when they pray to their God, and when they see how dark the world has become, when there could be so much light.

He argues that these peacemakers must not be pitied for their difficult task, but honoured for the actions they take.

She then goes on to describe a half dozen peace-promoting, citizen-led initiatives that have taken place recently despite what may initially look like insurmountable obstacles: Nations are not monoliths: something large and immovable, something massive and unchanging and of uniform character and difficult to deal with on a human level (Webster Dictionary).

Nations are a collection of many of us, the peaceable majority and, only a few of them, the irredeemably hateful minority. (Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 22 August 2006) 4) by Maria Vamvakino Maria Vamvakino, the Federal Member for Calwell, Australia, explains why she did not support a recent bill under which all unauthorised refugees who arrive by boat to Australia would automatically be processed offshore, where they would remain in detention until a third country for resettlement was arranged.

Imagine the furore that would have erupted during the American Civil War had England claimed the right to impose a solution to slavery upon the North and South.

Now Israel is falling into the same trap as the US.

Instead, they call the current phenomenon in the Middle East an Islamic Civil War, taking place between parties fighting for the right to define and govern Muslim societies, some of which are effectively aiming at the Western powers that support Middle Eastern autocracies.

The authors warn that, due to Americas uncanny knack to turn visions into reality, if it is World War III that we envision, then it seems likely it is World War III that we will ultimately get.

lang=en) - Partners in Humanity (CGNews-Pi H) 22 August 2006 The Common Ground News Service Partners in Humanity (CGNews-Pi H) aims to promote constructive perspectives and dialogue about Muslim Western relations.

CGNews-Pi H is available in Arabic, English, French and Indonesian. ( For an archive of past CGNews articles and other information, please visit our website at Unless otherwise noted, copyright permission has been obtained and articles may be reprinted by any news outlet or publication.

Although the issue may appear at first glance as a domestic one, Vamvakinos article demonstrates its importance to Muslim-Western relations.

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