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For older children, talking about sex is so much more than just the act of sex itself.

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The question, “Where do babies come from” is a typical one. For example, you want sit a six-year-old down and tell them the full facts, but you may say that when a man and a woman love each other very much, a special seed from the man can go to a special egg in the woman and then a baby can grow.

You can talk about the development of the baby in the womb and how they grow from a tiny egg to have arms, hands, fingers etc. Not providing some kind of answer for a child can result in them using their imagination to fill in the gaps, so it is better if you avoid that!

The parents are keen for their children to have a really solid sex education, and know that there are some areas they’re simply not best equipped to explain – such as transgender and non-binary identities, which they describe as ‘an area we would really struggle in.’ The children in need of the sex chat are the parents’ eight-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son, and topics to be covered include ‘how sex is between two people who are in love’, consent, sexuality, periods, STIs, sexual protection, anatomy, pregnancy, and ‘other gender types’.

‘Like most parents, we were hoping we would have more time before this became a problem; ideally, I’d avoid it altogether,’ write the parents. Perhaps you’re a teacher who trained up in PSHE then didn’t like being in a classroom? An advert has appeared on uk from parents searching for a childcare professional to have the sex chat with their children.The parents in question are keen to find someone who’ll be able to explain concepts that go beyond how babies are made, answering questions on consent, gender, and intimacy.Find a book that you feel is the most appropriate for your child and read it yourself first.If you don’t want to purchase a book and would prefer to chat using your own knowledge it is important you prepare yourself.‘You will ideally be OFSTED registered and must have an up-to-date DBS check as we will not be attending the sessions. ‘All sessions will be at our home at a time when one, or both of us can be in the house.

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