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The stream originates from various springs and drainage basins in west and southwest Birmingham, and is covered over for most of its course until emerging at a headwall near the intersection of 7th Street and 4th Terrace North at the western terminus of 5th Avenue North.

It continues, paralleling 3rd Avenue West, and is joined by Holly Spring, draining the Green Springs area, just past Center Street.

This stream is abundant with wildlife both in and around the water.

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Birmingham's first sewer system, a 15-mile network of brick tunnels constructed in the 1880s, flowed out into Valley Creek about two miles south of the city limits.

Valley Creek is located in western Jefferson County.

If you are lucky enough(and quiet enough)you may even meet a family of river otter as you make your way.

There are a few rapids scattered here and there but they are easy enough for the novice to handle,yet still give the adrenaline junkies a thrill.

All in all,you will love paddling the Valley Creek. Turn right onto Academy Dr., Powder Plant Road turn right,straight until bridge, Valley Creek runs under the bridge. The take-out here is so-so,there is a short but somewhat steep bank you will have to carry your gear up.

.00 parking fee at Clevingers Marina From Birmingham take I-20 west approx. This is right below a residence,so be sure to not block the drives or the gate leading down to the water.

As with most streams the best time to paddle is early spring. Powder Plant Road Bridge - Put-in across road from plant. paddle to the take-out at the bridge on Johns Rd.,just outside of Adger. Bridge-This is an excellent put-in.there is plenty of parking and launching space. From this point it is about a 6-7 hour paddle to the next bridge,more if you fish or stop for better rapids are on this leg of the creek.

Be sure to check the water level,after about the middle of June you will do more walking than paddling. There is a concrete culvert at the waters edge that provides a good launching point. Take-out fot this stretch is at the Lock 17 Road bridge in Oak Grove.

There are lots of whitetail deer and turkeys in this area, and the turkey hunting is really good. A good internal road system goes throughout the property.

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