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“Betty wanted to be liked,” says her first cousin Shelton Williams, whose memoir, , chronicles his coming-of-age in Odessa through the prism of Betty’s murder.

Betty Williams was a fast girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

Mack Herring was a handsome football player with all the right friends.

During her junior year, when the speech team performed the balcony scene from at the University Interscholastic League competition, Betty played the doomed, lovesick heroine.

But as desperately as she wanted to propel herself out of Odessa, she was fatalistic about the future.

“I hear her name on a daily basis,” says theater arts teacher Carl Moore, who has taught at Odessa High for four years.

“Whenever something unexplained happens—a book falls on the floor in my classroom or the light board goes out during a technical rehearsal—someone always jokes, ‘It’s Betty.’” What may be nothing more than just a ghost story can also be seen as something more complicated—as a metaphor, perhaps, for the way that one crime has lodged, uneasily, in Odessa’s collective memory.When he broke up with her during her senior year at Odessa High School, her world fell apart. hen football season ended and there was nothing much to do on Friday nights except drink beer and stare up at the wide-open sky, teenagers used to park their pickups across the street from Odessa High School and wait to see the ghost they called Betty.According to legend, she would appear at the windows of the school auditorium at midnight—provided that students flashed their headlights three times or honked their horn and called out her name.She too liked to get a rise out of people, and she thrived on attention, whether she got it by arriving at Tommy’s Drive-In dressed entirely in black but wearing white lipstick or in jeans and a T-shirt, under which she didn’t bother to put on a bra.She freely expressed opinions that went against the grain, like her belief that segregation was unjust and that blacks should not have to attend a separate high school across the railroad tracks.She made no secret of the fact that she was not a prude and that she was willing to prove it.

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