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She says we are her enemies because we get in her way to try to ruin our relationships. Shes a insecure b1tch who goes after guys who are in relationships and doesn’t feel she in the wrong.

Yeah right she so happy with the guy she with that IS why she never stops being all over other guys.

Her personality just make a person want to turn and run.

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She became friends with this lady at the preschool she worked at in Dickinson ND. She always remarries as she doesn’t know how to hold a marriage together.

After attending a few late night late bonfires with coworkers and such, she got to know the husband of said co worker. The person who seen them kept watching knowing something wasn’t right. Brittany’s man confronts her about it and she lies. Once she done using a man for money, to further her business ambitions she off cheating.

Once they in the bedroom with her she has a chest of a little girl. She has the guys go out windows even after caught cheating.

She sends a mans wife information on her getting him to cheat on her.

When the wife left his a55 he asked her to come over.

She left her clothes in his house tried saying that his wife stole her clothes and burned them.

Haaa men don’t want a woman that everyone has had sexually. She verbally abused a past abuse victim then worked for a domestic violence place. She told the one women to “hang herself” she thinks shes guys gift when even this gift unwrapped is scary.

People don’t want to worry about getting a deadly DRDS to cause them physical pain, to die early& humiliation from having it. Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge her adulterer butt and all the sexually immoral. * As a friend shes two faced by talking sh1t about the persons significant other to all their friends.

He came back saying she was a mistake he was sorry but I caught him talking to her on his phone.

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