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The woman had earlier texted Rivera, court heard, laying down her rules, to which he’d agreed.She also asked what she should have on hand for breakfast.

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The Hamilton trial was about women who never knew; the other about a man who didn’t listen.

But, a decade apart, they each present a freeze-frame of social attitudes and, well, the morality of the thing, while demonstrating how courts are still trying to navigate the thicket of sexual relations.

From that point, the hookup devolved into a he-said she-said dispute that ended up in court — even though the presiding judge stressed the case was “not a credibility contest” — the man charged with sexual assault.

Of course it was a credibility contest, weighing the contradictory evidence.

Continuing to prosecute individuals for not revealing their HIV status, the committee was told in hearings, has put up barriers to people getting tested and receiving treatment. Two of those women died from AIDS-related lymphoma before the case came to trial, their videotaped testimony played for the jury.

On the surface, that case and the no-condom sexual assault verdict appear to have little in common.

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