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BPEACH CROP IN MARIPOSA, DESTROYED- Wednesday and Thursday nights of the past week, were the coldest of the season. The prospect of the peaches was entirely destroyed, which one week ago was good for a large crop.

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Definite proof of the value of the apple as a commercial crop in the county was shown this week when a chain store system contracted for the purchase of the entire crop of apples at the Wheeler ranch, which totaled several thousand boxes.

Heard of Excellence The chain store operators had heard of the excellent quality of apples grown on the Wheeler ranch, and in order that there might be no chance of an error of judgment they sent four of their representatives to inspect to inspect the crop.

Wheeler said that Spring frosts are somewhat of a handicap to the mountain apple grower but he plans to remedy this hazard by the use of pine knots for smudging purposes.

Pine knots make a most economical, as well as efficient smudges, Wheeler pointed out.

The Rome is only fairly good eating but is excellent for dumpling and pie baking in October, November and December.

The Wagner is the best baking apple, makes good eating and is splendid for pie and sauce in October and November.

Every Friday and Saturday evening during the summer, the Mariposa County Arts Council hosts Music on the Green Summer Concert Series in downtown Mariposa’s outdoor Art Park.

These concerts feature folk, bluegrass, rock, jazz, reggae, country, and world music bands hailing from the Sierra Nevada, Central Valley, and San Francisco Bay Area, bringing together both local and visiting concertgoers of all ages. This event listing provided for the Mariposa community events calendar.

Mc Adams was arrested by Under-sheriff D E Bertken.- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mariposa (Mariposa Co) July 22- Interruption of an alleged wholesale and retail beer business marked the return of J C Willams, special prohibition agent to valley counties. I M Hawley, near Hayward, Mariposa County, described by officers as a "young brewery," the corps of dry officials, including Sheriff A Turner, Mariposa, unearthed 1000 pints of beer , 1,400 additional bottles ready to be filled, and vats in full operation.

Fresno Bee Republican, December 13, 1963 POST OFFICE NAME AGAIN WILL BE CATHEY's VALLEY Cathey's Valley-Mariposa Co- Cathey's Valley again will be the official name for this post office in Mariposa County, nestling in the lower foothills, effective January 1st.

The indications are that the production of apples in this county will greatly increase as time goes on as there area a number of areas in which the fruit can be grown successfully, and there always appears to be a good market for crops of first quality, the orchardist said.

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