Free mobile cams - Sedating kids on planes

Jokes aside, I agree it's wrong and for the vast, vast majority of kids there's other better and harmless options.

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I can think of a number of scenarios where the situation cannot be avoided. I just remember feeling seriously sleepy after taking it!

As a parent I can't fathom doing that when you don't need to Oooh, can I have some?

If you are giving them medication solely for your own benefit then you are on very shaky ground.

We gave it to DD1 (11) on a long haul flight - DD2 (9) didn't get given any. 12 hour night flight, popped some piriton just before departure and slept 10.5 hours. I couldn't do it to the kids, just in case something did go wrong.

It really is that simple'I don't agree with the drugging thing at all but I'm afraid it's not that simple. I had no intention of taking my children back while the youngest was still a toddler, but my FIL died very unexpectedly and we needed to go.

So I took him on a 13 hour flight, which was horrendous, he couldn't really manage it but I didn't have a lot of choice. Some children with autism or ADHD take menalin, which is appropriate for the circumstances. I think NT children shouldn't usually take anything unless there are issues and even then it should be GP led Meh.

It's not black and white and just saying 'don't do the flights' or 'don't feed them sweets' isn't helpful.

They're high in the sky in a plane miles away from anywhere.

We have to do some long haul flights with dc next year to visit family.

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