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Now if your cat is flying in the *cabin* with you, you will find vets who don't think it's bad to give a cat a mild sedative (many European vets will take this view)--but you need to test it on your cat at home at least two weeks before your flight to make sure the dose is correct and there aren't any adverse effects.

As for carriers, I'm not familiar with the air suitability of the current carrier brands on sale in the U. make sure it can't "pop" open accidentally--check not only the doors but also the side enclosures 2. The carrier should be no bigger than allows your cat to lie comfortably (not stretched out fully though, as if he were lounging in the sun), stand up and turn around.

And, in this case, we can suggest several alternatives that are better than drugs. For a long time, pet owners (and pet health professionals) believed the best way to treat anxious dogs and cats was to simply “knock ‘em out, and they won’t know the difference.” Over the years, though, medical research has taught us this is not a good idea, because there are potential dangers to dogs and cats that could be much worse.

The problem with sedating your pet’s brain is that she cannot think or process normally.

One more reason not to tranquilize unless your vet recommends for a particular cat and its conditions.

As long as you are carrying the cat on, the soft duffel-like carriers are excellent. We're talkingabout your cat here, so I'll be more blunt than BTilke: when she says tranquilizers can cause "problems" for pets in cargo, it means they can die.

Luckily my husband caught her, and the three of us squeezed into a WC where we fed her another pill and waited long enough for it to begin working (and to assure she didnt spit it back out).

Sedation may depend on the temperament of your cat, and whether she will be flying in the cabin with you.We flew with our cat in the cabin from Newark to Zurich.We sedated her per our vets instruction by grinding a pill into some yogurt, which she would eat. At the airport we did have to take her out of the carrier at security so the carrier could be scanned. About half way through the flight she awoke, and began crying loudly.Most cats settle down pretty quickly on the plane with you. Cats can react VERY differently to tranquilizers, and finding the right dose is critical before a plane flight. Very likely the effect of the tranquilizer wearing off.Cats will sometimes meow a bit on planes, but nothing like described here.If the vet advises not to medicate your cat, then for God's sakes don't do it.

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