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During an EEG, children can also play with a box of old machinery parts that remind them of the machines in the room.To make exams easier for autistic children, many physicians encourage allowing autistic children to manipulate their tools of the trade. Didie recommends setting up instruments like an IV in advance and talking to children about them.

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Drake, who is president of Drake Hospitalists, a private pediatric hospitalist group in the Dallas area.

“Some don’t like to be touched on the top of their hand.” To reduce anxiety for both patients and staff, Dr.

That way, parents and patients can get comfortable with the hospital environment before ever stepping foot in the building. Stahmer says, adding that parents could take their own pictures of different areas of the hospital or the physicians who will be treating their children.

Harness visuals and touch Rady Children’s Hospital also relies on visuals in-house.

Experts say these numbers likely represent an increased awareness about the disease, which is leading to diagnosis at an early age.

As the father of an 8-year-old son with autism, Erich Maul, DO, is something of an expert on treating children with the condition.

And because children with autism are very visually oriented, Dr.

Stahmer says, her hospital posts photos online of different steps in frequently used procedures.

Start by limiting the number of physicians and nurses interacting with autistic children. Maul says this can be a problem at academic centers, where attendings often enter the room as part of “a huge galloping hoard” of residents and medical students.

When doctors insist on rounding with their entire group of residents, he explains, “some of these kids are going to act out.” Mary Didie, MD, a pediatric attending at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, N.

Drake tries to learn what may trigger patients’ erratic or defensive behavior.

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