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Application object and replace them with invisibility lines: Notice that you want to put the Word. Visible = True line in an error-handler or in a spot where you know it will be run if something goes awry. (If you do get stuck with an invisible Word in the middle of a crash, you can launch the Task Manager and kill the WINWORD.EXE process.) How much of a difference does invisibility make?The functionality depends on Word, not on the Automation client.

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Article contributed by Daryl Lucas Many people know they can speed execution of Word Automation by turning off screen updating: Word. Screen Updating = False Many do not know, however, that they can get an even greater speed boost by hiding the application altogether.

Here is an example from a Visual Basic client: In the above example, Word launches but does not appear anywhere on the screen. (It does, though, show up in NT's Task Manager, in its list of running processes.) Despite this apparent lack of response, Word is very active and quite capable of doing everything it is told-creating a new document, inserting the message, , saving the file, closing it, and quitting.

I want to try and speed up some of the exports as they are quite large and can take a while to complete. Screen Updating = False but get a "Method or data member not found" error. It is cool to be part of such and active and sharing community.

I suspect this is because I am missing something in the reference library but when I check nothing is noted as "missing" and all the obvious Microsoft options are ticked. Echo False but this has no impact on the exporting and I can still see the Excel report populating. Thanks Thanks Eugin, I have tried both of those commands but it makes no difference. I look forward to learning more from you all and hopefully becoming a helpful member myself one day.

However as your macros get bigger, you may need to increase the speed that they execute.

This blog post looks at 6 ways that you can speed up your macros.

Meaning they will not recalculate as values are changed.

Another very common setting to switch off whilst the macro runs is screen updating.

As the macro runs Excel is constantly updating the screen to show what is happening. We can turn this off in a similar way to the previous technique.

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