Scott evans actor dating cheryl cole dating ashley cole again

The Sudbury native uttered in his December 2009 interview with that Chris was comfortable to talk about it with him and was not ashamed about accidentally revealing his brother's queer sexuality.

Scott also had a guest role on the AMC series Rubicon as an American involved in a serious terrorist attack with al-Qaeda.

Formerly, Scott anchored Channel One News, a national CBS news broadcast.

Chris affirmed that though he was invited to go out with them in gay bars, he denied them since he didn't like to fall under the speculation of gay radars.

Though Scott labels that his actor brother has outed him with slipping about his homosexuality, he is happy about it.

While Evans has publically dated in the past, he’s known for being private with many of his relationships, and that means even if he were dating someone right now, they more than likely won’t show up with him at the Oscars on Sunday.

But, just because he’s not currently dating anyone at the moment (..we know of) doesn’t mean he’s necessarily going to be flying solo.

He is a journalist and television personality best known for his role on Access Hollywood.

Earlier in his career, he performed as the on-court host for the NBA's Indiana Pacers and WNBA's Indiana ...

And just like his brother, he is one of the reputed actors of the Hollywood industry.

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