Robotic sex chat

And does that pose any problems, or does it simply feel eerie?

Welcome, I think we have arrived in the uncanny valley.

make a restaurant reservation for you without the person on the phone noticing he or she is talking to an AI.

If in our experience it is becoming harder to tell the difference between a bot and a human, how much difference is there really?

If we can align our wishes interpersonally, we can align them with our technology.

Self-proclaimed cult leader Unicole Unicron signed off a recent video memo to followers with an important reminder: “Don’t forget to ask your sex robot for consent.”The line was a hint at Unicron’s latest business venture, Eve’s Robot Dreams—a consent-focused robot brothel that the cult leader hopes to open in West Hollywood, California, in the near future.

But as the developments continue and conversational bots are becoming more human-like (as seen in Google Duplex), even this is not so sure anymore.

To take a more positive perspective: there is a clear rise in cooperation with technology.I foresee a needed potential development of better, securer systems and perhaps even laws concerning the authentication and identity disclaimers of humans and bots.Another important subject to take into account is the automation of jobs.Jobs might be taken but many services will be improved by the use of (chat)bots, ones that we trust.An evident example is healthcare, a field in which much progress is already visible.Kids are taught more playfully about their health through the use of conversational agents, making hospital visits less intimidating.

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