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Lau (by TV hookup) announced that he had moved all mob deposits to his investment firm in Hong Kong, far away from Dent's jurisdiction and the crackdown by Lt. [Gordon suspected that Dent had Maroni's people in his office, who tipped off the mob to move their "life savings" immediately.] The meeting was interrupted by laughter from the Joker, who proposed to kill their mutual enemy Batman - "It's simple.

We, uh, kill the Batman" - in exchange for half of the Mafia's money.

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Being homosexual, Tom actively participates in support of transgender people.

For instance On 8 July 2017, Tom was seen attending a rally that supported the LGBT community.

Tom who stands at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75m) was born on 14 June 1983.

He was keenly interested in acting from a young age and was highly supported by his family.

Therefore, Tom gathered all the courage and came out as a gay on stage while performing a comedy in Cardiff.

Luckily, Tom’s audiences supported his preference, and his confidence grew eventually.

Gambol was incensed by the clown and challenged him with a bounty: "Five hundred grand for this clown dead." Shortly later, the Joker cleverly infiltrated through Gambol's gang into a pool hall where he threateningly told the boss about the origin of his facial scars (and his perpetual smile), and then killed Gambol - and took over his operation.

ith Wayne Enterprises inventor Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Bruce prepared for their trip to Hong Kong to capture Lau and extradite him back to Gotham City for prosecution.

Meanwhile, Wayne Enterprises decided to refuse a joint venture with Chinese accountant Lau (Ng Chin Han) of Lau Security Investments (LSI) in Hong Kong - their revenue stream was possibly "illegal." Convinced that Dent was sincere about fighting crime, Bruce decided to host a fundraiser for him.

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