Restore a jailbroken iphone without updating

This process is only possible using a downgrade, which can be a fairly difficult operation to complete (Apple authenticates all new software installs using their own servers).

SHSH blobs are in the process of being phased out in favour of the tougher-to-beat APTicket.

Step 3: Now you have enter into recovery mode successfully.

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You can then restore it to the latest i OS version.

Please be aware that this will erase all the data on your device and will restore it to the latest i OS version (i OS 8.1.1 as of Dec 1st, 2014).

If you’re not making warranty claims, you still might want to hold off creating a backup.

Jailbroken i OS firmware can run riot accessing different parts of the filesystem usually only reserved for apps and system components.

Important: For this reason, you shouldn’t upgrade the software on your phone or restoring to stock if you depend on your jailbreak for an unlock.

Unless you’re making a warranty claim or passing the phone on to someone who can use it on the network it is locked to, you might as well keep an eye on the jailbreak scene to ensure you can still use your phone once you’ve upgraded and re-jailbroken.

Restoring it in i Tunes didn't work and errors would always pop up. I also tried downloading an ipsw file but that doesn't seem to work either.

Do I just need to buy a new phone or is there a way of fixing it?

Is there any option to restore the phone to my most recent backup on i Tunes since I’ve got too many files, messages and photos in my phone. Do you need to proceed with a restore without upgrading to the latest version of i OS on your i Phone?

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