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(Subversion always considers the latest version to be the "HEAD" revision.) If you decide you want this previous version to be the new HEAD version, you must roll back the changes between the current HEAD and the previous version you want.One problem with the ability to go back in time is that it becomes more difficult to understand what version of your project you are actually looking at.You can always get back to the most recent commit in subversion by "reverting" your changes.

Here, one member of the team, whom we will call the team "leader", will have the shared code stored in a folder in their repository and all other members will connect to that repository for the code.

Team "leader": It is possible to have many different repositories of code, for instance one's personal development repository and the course turn-in repository.

The only way to commit this file is to delete the working copy and checkout clean.

So the workflow is like this: This never happens with collabnet client.

This is critical when you start moving among revisions and working in teams where each team member may have a different revision.

Sometimes you find that you have made some bad changes and you just want to get rid of them.

Just thought if anyone else was also getting this kind of behaviour and could report it so that the issue would get proper attention.

Right now i'm not able to commit with idea, everytime i try - i would not be able to commit the same file from this working copy, and this is super annoying.

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